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Primero Comfort

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PRIMERO-Comfort is based on the dynamic simulation program EnergyPlus software for the evaluation and optimization of thermal comfort and the resulting cooling energy demand in a single room.

The resulting simulation of this tool, by means of a histogram, are the hourly profiles of the temperature in the room, leading to the energy flows from vent, people, electric devices, artificial lighting and the cooling effects using thermoactive components or an active cooling system (air cooler).

After having designed the envelope with all its components, it is possible to create up to ten different variants which can be compared in the results interface.

PRIMERO-Comfort is designed primarily for architects and architecture students, allowing the user to create any kind of rooms in a more realistic form including interactions of all mentioned aspects, achieving an optimized solution.

PRIMERO is a modular software package for primary energy optimization of buildings and individual rooms designed with the aim of increasing user comfort and energy consumption in the crucial stages of planning. The optimization extends to the building and its individual rooms with respect to size, shape, fenestration, shading, construction, ventilation, use, control of technical systems and much more. The objective of planning with PRIMERO is a passive-solar-optimized building such that high comfort leads to a low energy requirement for the necessary building services.

Other modules of Primero-Software family (available in German only):
- Primero-Light
- Primero-Energy
- Primero-Summer
- U-Value Manager

Expertise Required: 

Basic knowledge in archtecture and building physics


Students, Researchers, Architects, Civil Engineers, Urban Planners, ...


Geometrical Form, Construction Elements
Climate Data
Building Services & Control
User Profile


Ready to use:
Room Temperature
Radiant & Operative Temperature
Energy Flows
Temperature Histogram
Adaptive Comfort Model Assessment

Output in formats for further use (.csv)


Easy to use
Interface designed by architects - for architects
Technical questions for detailed physical values and quantities replaced by oral description and standard values
Complete input documentation ready to print and for presentation (.pdf)
Results / Reports ready to print and for presentation (.pdf)

Major Capabilities: 
Parametrics and Optimization
Ratings and Certificates
Weather Data and Climate Analysis
Help and Support: 
Free Email Support
Last Software Update: 
26 July 2016
Last Entry Update: 
24 November 2017
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