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Geothermal Optimization Loop Designer (GOLD)

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The GOLD software combines some of the best and most trusted industry standard modeling techniques with proprietary algorithms to provide the best commercial vertical GSHP design combination from the suitable alternatives. The same results would take weeks or even months utilizing other software or techniques, but an optimized design can be ready within minutes with the help of the GOLD software platform.

The software optimizes the design configuration for heat pumps, piping, well-field layout, and fluid mixture for a given facility load and geological conditions. The user can choose to optimize the design to either minimize cost or minimize loop length.

Download A.F. Analytics GOLD software today and make sure your design is up to the GOLD standard.

Expertise Required: 

Load profile and geological conditions


GSHP designers and owners


Load profile
Geological properties
Alternative design for: heat pumps, fluid mixtures, piping, and well-field layout


Optimized design for minimizing cost and/or loop length


Optimization algorithm and efficiency of alternate design calcuations

Major Capabilities: 
HVAC System Selection and Sizing
Parametrics & Optimization
Energy Conservation Measures
Last Software Update: 
03 January 2016
Last Entry Update: 
04 January 2016
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