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e!Sankey pro

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e!Sankey is a software solution for creating appealing Sankey diagrams depicting energy flows.

About Sankey diagrams:

Sankey diagrams allow users to depict any kind of flow – energy, material, or cost flows, for example – in the form of an arrow. The thickness of the arrow directly reflects the relative flow volume, i.e., a flow with twice the volume as another is indicated by an arrow twice as wide.
The goal of visualizing flows with Sankey diagrams is to identify inefficiencies and potentials for savings. Sankey diagrams are gaining increasing importance, especially in the context of the growing demand for more efficient technology. They can also be a helpful instrument in the business sector, since production systems, including their technical and economical interrelationships, are becoming increasingly complex and therefore must be represented in an intelligible way.

The main areas of application for Sankey diagrams are:

• Energy flows, energy transfer, energy efficiency
• Heat transfer, heat loss
• Material flows, e.g., within a production system
• Logistics, transport of goods
• Representation of costs, cost allocation, visualization of the economical added value
• Weighted material flows (i.e. greenhouse gas emissions)


Energy management, energy audit, facility management

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11 November 2015
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