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EP-Quick ( creates input files for many different buildings using built in
templates for the shape and zone layout. By using templates for commonly shaped buildings and zone layouts, the
time needed to create an EnergyPlus input file is greatly reduced and it works for any sized building building. Version
1.0 was released in April 2005. EP-Quick is available for download at no cost.

Start by pressing the "NEW" button, selecting a template and the types of floors. Once a template is selected, zoning
and shape are fixed but the overall dimension of the building can be changed. The buildings are "prismatic" and are
the same shape and size on all floors. Windows and doors may be added and constructions and schedules may be

Use main "tree" interface to examine and modify the many different details of the building. The main parts of the tree

Overall Geometry - depth, width
Building - roof, floor, interior constructions
Defaults - default values used in "Floorplans"
Internal Gain Types - lighting, people, schedules
Floorplans - zones, exterior walls, windows, etc
Corners - locations of the building vertices
Roof corners - locations of special roof vertices

This is an open source project but has not been updated in several years. It does not support the latest versions of EnergyPlus.