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CAN-QUEST can be used to demonstrate performance path compliance with the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2011 (NECB 2011) and to support the design of high performance commercial and institutional buildings. CAN-QUEST is recognized as the Canadian building energy simulation tool for modelling whole-building energy performance and compliance with the NECB 2011.

CAN-QUEST includes many improvements over earlier building energy modelling software tools, including advanced two- and three-dimensional graphical representation of a building’s geometry and parametric runs to quickly assess different energy efficient designs. In addition, CAN-QUEST supports technologies such as photovoltaics, ground source heat pumps, co-generation, thermal storage and new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system types.

Expertise Required: 

NRCan has developed two training courses that provinces and territories can modify for their local conditions and use to train professionals in their jurisdictions about working with CAN-QUEST:

a one-day introduction to the NECB 2011 and CAN-QUEST for the building owners and managers, building inspectors, city planners, architects, and engineers who will manage NECB 2011-compliant projects

a two-day, hands-on computer course that focuses on the software and the modelling process for the architects, engineers and technicians who will prepare building energy models to show compliance with the NECB 2011

CAN-QUEST training is coordinated across Canada by individual authorities having jurisdiction through their code offices and utilities, as well as through other stakeholder organizations with expertise in the building sector. For information about training scheduled in your area or about CAN-QUEST, contact NRCan at or 1-877-360-5500 (toll-free) (613-992-3245 in the National Capital Region).


Building designers, energy modellers, Mechanical engineers

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Whole-building Energy Simulation
Code Compliance
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05 October 2015
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18 July 2018
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