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Adtek AccuDuct ACCA Approved Manual-D Residential Duct Design

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Adtek AccuDuct is a fast and very easy to use ACCA Approved Manual-D Duct Design program.

AccuDuct can work as a Stand Alone program or if you have AccuLoad and did a Room-by-Room design, Room airflow can be automatically Imported in with one button click, enabling quick and easy Duct Sizing.

Duct and Fitting Selections can be done just by clicking on images or can be found by searching the type quick search feature.

Reports include:
> System Summary Report
> Detailed Duct breakdown Report

Expertise Required: 

A basic understanding of residential duct design.


Residential & Commercial HVAC contractors, designers, educators and students


Description and input data includes duct and fitting selections, and either auto import of room airflows from AccuLoad, or manually entering each room airflow for duct sizing.


Data and results can be viewed on screen or printed reports as listed in the Program Description above.


ACCA Approved and Very Easy to Use!

United States
Major Capabilities: 
Whole-building Energy Simulation
Load Calculations
HVAC System Selection and Sizing
Reduced for Non-Commercial/Academic Use
Free To Try
Help and Support: 
Free Email Support
Free Phone Support
Last Software Update: 
11 November 2016
Last Entry Update: 
11 November 2016
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